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 The Secrets behind our Success is empowering multiple Sports Training Organizations Click to join the circle of quality sports trainers. 

Sports Training

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ExposeU -

Getting the Athletes the Exposure they Deserve. We had a 97% offer rate in 2020-21 season. Let us do the work for you! 

Sports Training Analytics

Our Training Analytics are second to none. We provide hard number to back training routines and corrective workouts to match.

Sports Business Consulting

Learn the techniques that have made BenX Sports one of the longest most successful Sports Training Organizations

Corporate Workshops

Management, Coaching, Leadership, Timing

BenX Historically provides solutions in intense situations. Business teams learn the Principles.


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With over 31 years of experience BenX Sports Technology has Consulted, Increased Profit and Trained from every expect of life .

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  • Sports Institutions

  • Sports team

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