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The most advanced Scientific Corrective  Sports Training System to ensure improvement and correction. BXST has been implemented with clients at every level, NBA down.

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July 5 - July 15, 2024 (Session one).

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What is your goal? What does it take to accomplish it? Does it take talent? Does it take skill? Read more to find out how to become Great. BenX Sports Blog.

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NBA SLAM DUNK Champion Portland Trailblazers Derrick Jones Jr.
                                                                            Sports Training, what's it all about?

                      NBA Slam Dunk Champion Derrick Jones Jr. training with BenX using BenX Sports Technology. Click  to read Blogs about Training.

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The Stars Align to...... BenX

So Many NBA greats have chosen BenX and he's humble to this day.

The Revolution of BenX

Are you ranked? Is your son or daughter ranked? Who does the ranking? How does it work? What is the criteria and who performs the test? What test? Have you asked these questions? Well it time for the Revolution of control - BenX

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